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Disability Discrimination

Disability law is complex. There are six types of disability discrimination. Depending on the type of discrimination, knowledge of the disability may be relevant (or not) and an employer may (or may not) be able to defend a claim if it can justify it’s treatment of a disabled employee.

A snap-shot of cases heard by the employment appeal tribunal will usually show disability cases heavily featured. Every disability case will be come down to the individual circumstances, including the type of disability, its impact on the employee’s work, the size and nature of the employers business and available resources.

The aim of this hub is to provide accessible employment law disability discrimination articles, comment and updates.

Disability Discrimination Articles

Prove it! The evidential burden of justifying disability discrimination

Every employer contemplating the dismissal of a disabled employee on long term ill-health grounds will ultimately face a rather thorny question: Do we have to wait any longer for the employee to return to...

Mindful minds: how employers can address mental health at work

Here, Ray Wann and Daniela Cohen of the Sheridans Employment and Business Immigration Group, look at how employers can address the issue of mental health in the workplace. Mental health.  An issue which attracts press...

A lack of deaf awareness among employers costs the UK economy £24.8bn

A lack of deaf awareness amongst employers and society at large holds people with hearing loss back and costs the UK economy £24.8bn, says charity Action on Hearing Loss. Despite the fact that employers are...
whistle blowing, five things we laernt in employment law this week 12 May

Five things we learnt in employment law this week (12 May)

A job applicant with Asperger's suffered indirect disability discrimination when the prospective employer refused to adjust the format of a multiple choice test in order to accommodate her. (The Government Legal Service v Brookes). 2....
Dealing with long term sickness and absence, employment law.

Tips for tackling long-term sickness absence

Dealing appropriately with employees on long-term sickness absence from the outset can help achieve an earlier return to work. Where a return is ultimately not possible, it will reduce the prospect of a dispute...
Mental health week and time to talk about why so few have good mental health

Why is our collective mental health ‘deteriorating’, asks new report

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week (8-15 May) and it’s time to look at the issue from a new angle, says the Mental Health Foundation. Rather than ask why so many people are living with...
Five things we learned in employment law this week (10 March).

Five things we learnt in employment law this week (10 March)

The Employment Appeal Tribunal has held that an Employment Tribunal was wrong to allow a claimant to amend their claim to introduce new claims while deferring the question of whether the new claims...
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Disability FAQs

What is the definition of disability?

Does an employer need to know about the disability?

What is the duty to make reasonable adjustments?

When can an employer terminate employment due to long-term disability related sickness absence?

What are the types of disability discrimination?

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