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Latest: new government guidance on dress codes

The government has published its new guidance: Dress codes and sex discrimination – what you need to know. It covers: setting a workplace dress...

Subject Access Requests under the GDPR

Often employees wish to see a copy of the personal data that their employer holds about them. So, what does that mean when it...

GDPR, employees and privacy statements

Privacy statements are designed to inform employees in a clear and transparent manner of how their data is being used and their rights in...



1970s employment laws! The comeback?

Abba is back! The Swedish four-piece has a comeback tour is planned for next year (grab your sparkly boots!). The last time the band...



Unsigned contracts

Q: An employee didn’t sign an employment contract. He’s leaving to join a competitor. Can we rely on the restrictive covenants in his employment...

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April 2018 facts and figures

Tax on Termination Payments – Changes in the way in which termination payments are taxed came into force (from 6 April 2018). Tax and national insurance must be deducted on notice pay even if there’s no right to pay in lieu of notice.

Statutory Redundancy Pay – the weekly pay cap used in the calculation increases to £508 from £489 (from 6 April 2018). The maximum statutory redundancy is £15,240 (up from £14,670).

Unfair Dismissal – for dismissals on or after 6 April 2018, the maximum compensatory award for ordinary unfair dismissal increases to £83,682 (or 52 weeks pay if lower), up from £80.541.

The Living Wage rate – increased from £7.50 an hour to £7.83 an hour for employees aged 25 and over (from 1 April 2018).

SSP – up from £89.35 a week to £92.05 a week (from 6 April 2018).

Pension Auto enrolment – the minimum contributions for employers and employees increase to 2% and 3% respectively (from 6 April).

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confidentiality agreements sexual harassment

What can be done to stop the abuse of confidentiality provisions?

From the Presidents Club to Harvey Weinstein, confidentiality provisions have hit the headlines this year. And the Women and Equalities House of Commons Select...
transgender employees protection

Transgender employees: common mistakes employers make (and how to avoid them)

What are the common mistakes that employers make when working with transgender employees and how can these be avoided? Tom Pimenta, employment solicitor at...
employment law hidden surveillance

Hidden cost of workplace surveillance

Developments in technology mean that HR professionals are increasingly having to consider the ways in which data protection and privacy may impact upon employment...
night shift working time regulations

Night working – a foreseeable health and safety risk?

What do employers need to know when employing people to work overnight? Marwa Stavraetou, trainee solicitor at Gordon Dadds LLP, takes a look... There are many...

‘Lunch is for wimps’

Recent rulings in the Court of Appeal and the European Court of Justice have highlighted the claims employers can face from employees working excessive...

Is it OK to hug at work?

Touch in the workplace is a major issue. Sexual harassment claims are sweeping the globe from Hollywood to the Houses of Parliament, doctors being...


A male employee is aggrieved that he’s paid less for shared...

Q: We pay enhanced maternity pay but only statutory shared parental leave pay. A male employee has taken shared parental leave and raised a...

Pregnancy: the right to relaxation?

Q: A pregnant employee wants to take time off for relaxation sessions. Do we have to agree and should it be paid? A: Alacoque Marvin, employment...

Breastfeeding at work: what employers need to know

Q: An employee has asked about breastfeeding at work. What are our legal obligations? Katie Mahoney, Associate, at Doyle Clayton replies... A: “Breastfeeding at work” can...

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