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Disability Discrimination

Disability law is complex. There are six types of disability discrimination. Depending on the type of discrimination, knowledge of the disability may be relevant (or not) and an employer may (or may not) be able to defend a claim if it can justify it’s treatment of a disabled employee.

A snap-shot of cases heard by the employment appeal tribunal will usually show disability cases heavily featured. Every disability case will be come down to the individual circumstances, including the type of disability, its impact on the employee’s work, the size and nature of the employers business and available resources.

The aim of this hub is to provide accessible employment law disability discrimination articles, comment and updates.

Disability Discrimination Articles

Five things we learnt in employment law this week (16 March 2018)

The Supreme Court has dismissed an appeal by a former head teacher who was dismissed for misconduct, on the basis that she did not disclose her close personal relationship with a person convicted...
neurodifferences employer workplace

Majority of employers fail to embrace neurodiversity

While ten per cent of the UK population is in some way neurodivergent, only one in ten organisations consider neurodiversity in their people management practices. That’s according to new research by the CIPD. It points...
five things employment law

Five things we learnt in Employment Law this week (12 January 2018)

The Court of Appeal has held that, if an employee is subjected to discriminatory demotion, he cannot simply refuse to work until the wrong is remedied; rather, he must seek a remedy through...
employers hearing loss staff

Employers must do more to support staff with hearing loss

More than half of people living with deafness and hearing loss feel they can’t be open about it in the workplace, says new research. This is because they fear disclosing their condition to their...
A former employee of a property firm has won an unfair dismissal case

Five things we learnt in Employment Law this week (22 December 2017)

A former employee of a property firm has won an unfair dismissal case after she was made redundant two months into her maternity leave and alternative roles were offered to male co-workers. She...

Five things we learnt in Employment Law this week (8 December)

Uber’s application to “leapfrog” an appeal to the Supreme Court has been refused. 2. The European Court of Justice has held that the UK discriminated against a transgender woman by failing to allow her...
AI equality act robots work jobs

Do Androids dream of the Equality Act?

To avoid unconscious bias in the workplace we need to ensure technology is properly shaped for the future world of work, says Angela Lown, Associate at Gowling WLG (UK) LLP. There is no denying that the world of...
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Disability FAQs

What is the definition of disability?

Does an employer need to know about the disability?

What is the duty to make reasonable adjustments?

When can an employer terminate employment due to long-term disability related sickness absence?

What are the types of disability discrimination?

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