Employment Law Tweets of the Week

This week there were stories about mental health in the workplace, the strike chaos in France and about how our jobs will soon be done by robots. We’ve rounded up the best 140 characters that sum up each story ICYMI.

The reforms to France’s labour laws are aimed at simplifying and relaxing the country’s employment laws. Will they make France more like the UK?

One for us all here. If robots are the future of work, what happens next? Will we all effectively retire? By Zoe Williams.

Before the robots take over, we may have to be hired for jobs in different ways, according to reports about Google and its innovative hiring methods…

Paul Farmer of @Mindcharity got a great reaction to his talk on mental health at work from delegates at the ELA conference.

Staying on this subject, there were also tweets about how to return to work after a mental health crisis…

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