TUC warns big firms with ‘dirty little secret’ paying below minimum wage

trade union employment law news
credit@ Sarah Turton

Frances O’Grady, the TUC General Secretary, addressed the TUC 2016 conference and set out a clear warning to big companies that fail to pay the minimum wage. Her speech follows reports that another big courier firm, Hermes, is accused of mistreating its staff and failing to pay employees the minimum wage.

trade union employment law news
credit@ Sarah Turton

“I’m giving fair warning. To any greedy business that treats its workers like animals – We will shine a light on you.

Run a big brand with a dirty little secret? A warehouse of people paid less than the minimum wage? A fleet of couriers who are slaves to an app? Let me put you on notice.

A hundred years ago, this movement campaigned to abolish piece work and day labour. We innovated, we organised, and we won. And we will do it again.

It might look different. We might organise on WhatsApp or Facebook. We might use the courts. Persuade customers. Win over shareholders. As well as recruiting workers. But there will be no hiding place.

We will organise and we will win. Britain’s unions will not rest until every worker gets the fair treatment they deserve.” Francs O’Grady



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