Uber introduces mandatory six-hour breaks for drivers.

uber six hour break shifts

Uber is introducing mandatory breaks for its drivers. The taxi hailing firm will lock drivers out of the app, meaning they are unable to accept rides for six hours, after a ten-hour shift. However, the limit still allows drivers to work for far more than 60 hours a week.

The gig-economy model run by Uber has come under heavy criticism. This is in part due to the long, unhealthy and potentially dangerous hours that some Uber drivers reportedly work – due to being underpaid, and having to cover their own expenses.

Now, however, the company says it will ensure drivers take a continuous six-hour break after the time spent on trips with passengers and on their way to picking someone up reaches 10 hours.

Uber’s UK Head of Policy Andrew Byrne has been widely quoted as saying: “While drivers only spend an average of 30 hours a week logged into our app, we want to do our part to ensure they don’t drive tired,”

“That’s why we’ve been sending drivers regular reminders to take rest breaks and why we’re now bringing in these new limits,” says Byrne.

Uber’s business practices have come under increasing pressure in recent months. The app is expected to make other changes to the way it operates in the next few months.


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