Working parents urged to go home on time on longest day

It’s the longest day of the year so why not go home on time and make the most of it?

Only a third (34%) of UK working parents go home on time every day, according to a study by the UK’s work life balance charity Working Families and Bright Horizons.

Statistics from its 2017 Modern Families Index show that one in ten UK working parents spends less than an hour with their family as a whole on a working day; for two in five UK working parents work is regularly stopping them putting their children to bed and 41% of working parents do extra hours in the evenings or weekends, after they have gone home, all the time or often.

“Families need time as well as money to thrive,” says Sarah Jackson chief executive of Working Families. “But, these findings show that for too many families work erodes the time that they spend together. We need human sized jobs that fit in the hours allocated to them.”

The charity is urging parents to leave work on time and go home to see their children and to take a picture of their watches or clocks and post it on social media, with a message starting with: “@workingfamuk I’m going to #gohomeontime today to …”

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