Five things we learnt in employment law this week (25 May 2018)

employment law five things April
James Rhodes, Partner at DAC Beachcroft LLP.
  1. The EAT has held that a tribunal was correct in upholding a dismissal for multiple separate issues, none of which alone constituted gross misconduct. (Mbubaegbu v Homerton University Hospital).

2. In case you missed it, the GDPR is now in force!

3. A Canadian national who worked in Scotland claims she was subject to daily racism and misogyny. A photograph appearing to show her gagged and bound to a chair has been widely circulated on social media.

4. The Government Equalities Office has published new guidelines on dress codes in the workplace and sex discrimination. The document warns against gender specific items, such as high heels.

5. Uber has announced that it will introduce a new package of benefits for its drivers, including medical insurance and sick pay.


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