1. The Employment Appeal Tribunal has been hearing Uber’s appeal against the decision that its drivers are workers. The Employment Tribunal recently held that the drivers were not self-employed and were therefore entitled to holiday pay and minimum wage.
Employment Solicitor Leeds
James Rhodes, Partner at DAC Beachcroft LLP.

2. Meanwhile, an Employment Tribunal has held that Addison Lee drivers are workers.

3. A recent study has found that female managers in Britain earn almost 27% (equating to an average of £12,000) less than their male colleagues and that large differences in bonus payments contribute to this.

4. A former employee of Leicester City Council has been ordered to pay a total of £544.08 after pleading guilty to unlawfully obtaining personal data to assist with his new business venture.

5. A member of British Airways cabin crew has been dismissed after her online rant about Nigerian passengers went viral.


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